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        Tianjin YiMeiTong High Pressure Pump Co., Ltd  Production is headquartered in Tianjin Jinghai Economic Development Zone.Companies engaged in high-pressure pump equipment R & D and production has more than 10 years,In here to cultivate a highly experienced and dynamic team,M type management system in our company,Will be the company's research and development, procurement, manufacturing, sales and service composition of the five major components to effectively combine,The formation of information complementarity, coordination and improvement of the optimization of the industrial chain.In the country and a number of schools in cooperation with product research and development and personnel training in the international community with the United States and Germany and Italy and other countries of the advanced high-pressure pump manufacturers to form a shared resource, the advanced technology and domestic production advantages, More cost-effective.The company has been committed to product development and brand expansion, in constant innovation and precipitation in the rolling development, the formation of a new business model, China's high-pressure pump manufacturing industry play a positive role in promoting the establishment of national brands And promotion also play a certain role. The Company will be high-quality, low-cost, globalization as a strategic goal, with high standards, fine, zero defect for the operation of the line, through the integration of global resources, enhance independent innovation capability.

        The company produces a series of high-pressure pump is a modern industrial commonly used high-pressure water power equipment, widely used in coal mining, metallurgical phosphorus removal, high pressure water jet cleaning, roads, ship cleaning rust, construction grouting, automotive and petrochemical, Water conservancy and hydropower, national defense, municipal sanitation and a variety of hose, metal pipe, oil well drilling equipment, pressure test with the pump and other fields.